These 100 plus programming languages run on Java Virtual machine (List)

You will probably be surprised to know that more than 100 different programming languages produce softwares that can run on Java Virtual Machines. Many pre-existing languages have also been adapted or re-designed to run on the Java Platform.

This list consists of these languages that are either interpreted by a Java Program, or complied into Java Bytecode or JIT compiled during execution time. The list is maintained in Alphabetic order. Anything in the bracket denotes the JVM version of the language which also means the langauge also exists to run on other platforms.

  1. Ada (JGNAT)
  2. Alef++
  3. Anvil
  4. Ateji PX
  5. AWK (Jawk)
  6. Basic (jScriptBasic)
  7. BBx (BBj)
  8. BeanShell
  9. BexScript
  10. Boo (Boojay)
  11. C#
  12. CAL
  13. Ceylon
  14. Closure
  15. COBOL (Elastic COBOL, Micro Focus Visual COBOL, Veryant isCobol)
  16. ColdFusion (Adobe ColdFusion, Railo, Open BlueDragon)
  17. Common Lisp (Armed Bear Common Lisp, CLforJava, Jatha Common Lisp Library)
  18. Correlate
  19. Dawn
  20. Drools
  21. E
  22. Eiffel
  23. Erlang (Erjang)
  24. Fantom
  25. Flow Java
  26. Forth (myForth)
  27. Fortress
  28. Frege
  29. Frink
  30. Fscript
  31. Funnel
  32. G
  33. Go (jGo)
  34. Golo
  35. Gosu
  36. Hecl
  37. Hojo
  38. Icon
  39. Ioke
  40. iScript
  41. Jabaco
  42. Jaskell
  43. JavaScript (Rhino, Nashhorn)
  44. Jelly
  45. Jess
  46. JHCR
  47. Jickle
  48. Join Java
  49. Joy
  50. JRuby
  51. JudoScript
  52. Jython
  53. KBML
  54. Libretto
  55. Lisp
  56. LLP
  57. Logo (jLogo, XLogo)
  58. Lua (Kahlua, Luaj, Jill)
  59. Luck
  60. Mini
  61. Mirah
  62. Modula-2
  63. N.A.M.E. Basic
  64. NetLogo
  65. Nice
  66. Noop
  67. Oberon-2 (Canterbury Oberon-2 for JVM, JOB)
  68. Object Pascal (Oxygene)
  69. ObjectScript
  70. OCank (OCaml-Java)
  71. Pascal (Canterbury Pascal for JVM, Free Pascal, MIDletPascal)
  72. Phobos
  73. PHP (IBM Websphere sMash PHP P8, Caucho Quercus)
  74. PHP.reboot
  75. Piccola
  76. Pizza
  77. Pnuts
  78. Processing
  79. Prolog (JIProlog, Jekejeke Prolog, JLog, TuProlog, JinniProlog)
  80. Python (Jython)
  81. R (Renjin)
  82. Redline SmallTalk
  83. Rexx (NetRexx)
  84. Ruby (JRuby)
  85. SALSA
  86. Scala
  87. Scheme (Bigloo, Kawa, SISC, JScheme)
  88. Simkin
  89. Sleep
  90. Stab
  91. Sther
  92. TCL (Jacl, JTcl)
  93. Tea
  94. TermWare
  95. Tiger
  96. v-language
  97. WebL
  98. X10
  99. Xtend
  100. Yassl
  101. Yeti ML (Yeti)
  102. Yoix
  103. Zigzag
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5 Responses to Read XML File In JAVA using DOM – A Simple Tutorial

  1. harry says:

    I need a tutorial on an exact opposite of this excellent article. That is I need to serialize Java Object to XML. Can you help me in that Kushal??? I wud appreciate it a lot.


  2. Jim says:

    Hey Kushal!
    This is very great and helpful, but I got another question about that. If I have an Element which hasn’t any values, I always get a NullpointerException. Do you have an Idea how to fix/catch that?

    Thank you!

  3. Mridula says:

    The advantage in Java is that there it is not necessary to take care of objects which are no longer used. Garbage collector takes care of these objects unlike C/C++ language where because of this issue the program terminates causing OutOfMemoryErrors.

  4. priya says:

    Garbage collection is one of the most important feature of Java. Garbage collection is also called automatic memory management as JVM automatically removes the unused variables/objects (value is null) from the memory.

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