Listing All Available Locales Using Java

This little Java Example/Tutorial shows how to list all available locales using java.

 * @author Kushal Paudyal
 * Last Modified On 2009-APR-06
package com.kushal.utils;

import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.Locale;

public class ListOfAvailableLocales {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

	public static void printAvailableLocales()
		Locale list[] = SimpleDateFormat.getAvailableLocales();

		for (int i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
			System.out.println(list[i].toString() + "tt"
					+ list[i].getDisplayName());


Here is the output of this program. Sorry the text spacing has been lost:

ar		Arabic
ar_AE		Arabic (United Arab Emirates)
ar_BH		Arabic (Bahrain)
ar_DZ		Arabic (Algeria)
ar_EG		Arabic (Egypt)
ar_IQ		Arabic (Iraq)
ar_JO		Arabic (Jordan)
ar_KW		Arabic (Kuwait)
ar_LB		Arabic (Lebanon)
ar_LY		Arabic (Libya)
ar_MA		Arabic (Morocco)
ar_OM		Arabic (Oman)
ar_QA		Arabic (Qatar)
ar_SA		Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
ar_SD		Arabic (Sudan)
ar_SY		Arabic (Syria)
ar_TN		Arabic (Tunisia)
ar_YE		Arabic (Yemen)
as_IN		Assamese (India)
be		Belarusian
be_BY		Belarusian (Belarus)
bg		Bulgarian
bg_BG		Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
bn_IN		Bengali (India)
ca		Catalan
ca_ES		Catalan (Spain)
ca_ES_PREEURO	Catalan (Spain,PREEURO)
cs		Czech
cs_CZ		Czech (Czech Republic)
cs_CZ_EURO	Czech (Czech Republic,Euro)
cs_CZ_PREEURO	Czech (Czech Republic,PREEURO)
cy_GB		Welsh (United Kingdom)
da		Danish
da_DK		Danish (Denmark)
da_DK_EURO	Danish (Denmark,Euro)
de		German
de_AT		German (Austria)
de_AT_PREEURO	German (Austria,PREEURO)
de_CH		German (Switzerland)
de_DE		German (Germany)
de_DE_PREEURO	German (Germany,PREEURO)
de_LU		German (Luxembourg)
de_LU_PREEURO	German (Luxembourg,PREEURO)
el		Greek
el_GR		Greek (Greece)
el_GR_PREEURO	Greek (Greece,PREEURO)
en		English
en_AU		English (Australia)
en_BE		English (Belgium)
en_BE_PREEURO	English (Belgium,PREEURO)
en_CA		English (Canada)
en_GB		English (United Kingdom)
en_GB_EURO	English (United Kingdom,Euro)
en_HK		English (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
en_IE		English (Ireland)
en_IE_PREEURO	English (Ireland,PREEURO)
en_IN		English (India)
en_NZ		English (New Zealand)
en_PH		English (Philippines)
en_PK		English (Pakistan)
en_SG		English (Singapore)
en_US		English (United States)
en_ZA		English (South Africa)
es		Spanish
es_AR		Spanish (Argentina)
es_BO		Spanish (Bolivia)
es_CL		Spanish (Chile)
es_CO		Spanish (Colombia)
es_CR		Spanish (Costa Rica)
es_DO		Spanish (Dominican Republic)
es_EC		Spanish (Ecuador)
es_ES		Spanish (Spain)
es_ES_PREEURO	Spanish (Spain,PREEURO)
es_GT		Spanish (Guatemala)
es_HN		Spanish (Honduras)
es_MX		Spanish (Mexico)
es_NI		Spanish (Nicaragua)
es_PA		Spanish (Panama)
es_PE		Spanish (Peru)
es_PR		Spanish (Puerto Rico)
es_PY		Spanish (Paraguay)
es_SV		Spanish (El Salvador)
es_US		Spanish (United States)
es_UY		Spanish (Uruguay)
es_VE		Spanish (Venezuela)
et		Estonian
et_EE		Estonian (Estonia)
et_EE_EURO	Estonian (Estonia,Euro)
et_EE_PREEURO	Estonian (Estonia,PREEURO)
fi		Finnish
fi_FI		Finnish (Finland)
fi_FI_PREEURO	Finnish (Finland,PREEURO)
fr		French
fr_BE		French (Belgium)
fr_BE_PREEURO	French (Belgium,PREEURO)
fr_CA		French (Canada)
fr_CH		French (Switzerland)
fr_FR		French (France)
fr_FR_PREEURO	French (France,PREEURO)
fr_LU		French (Luxembourg)
fr_LU_PREEURO	French (Luxembourg,PREEURO)
gu		Gujarati
gu_IN		Gujarati (India)
hi		Hindi
hi_IN		Hindi (India)
hr		Croatian
hr_HR		Croatian (Croatia)
hu		Hungarian
hu_HU		Hungarian (Hungary)
hu_HU_EURO	Hungarian (Hungary,Euro)
hu_HU_PREEURO	Hungarian (Hungary,PREEURO)
in		Indonesian
in_ID		Indonesian (Indonesia)
is		Icelandic
is_IS		Icelandic (Iceland)
it		Italian
it_CH		Italian (Switzerland)
it_IT		Italian (Italy)
it_IT_PREEURO	Italian (Italy,PREEURO)
iw		Hebrew
iw_IL		Hebrew (Israel)
ja		Japanese
ja_JP		Japanese (Japan)
kk		Kazakh
kk_KZ		Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
kn		Kannada
kn_IN		Kannada (India)
ko		Korean
ko_KR		Korean (South Korea)
kok_IN		kok (India)
lt		Lithuanian
lt_LT		Lithuanian (Lithuania)
lt_LT_EURO	Lithuanian (Lithuania,Euro)
lt_LT_PREEURO	Lithuanian (Lithuania,PREEURO)
lv		Latvian
lv_LV		Latvian (Latvia)
lv_LV_EURO	Latvian (Latvia,Euro)
lv_LV_PREEURO	Latvian (Latvia,PREEURO)
mk		Macedonian
mk_MK		Macedonian (Macedonia)
ml_IN		Malayalam (India)
mr		Marathi
mr_IN		Marathi (India)
ms		Malay
ms_MY		Malay (Malaysia)
nb_NO		Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
nl		Dutch
nl_BE		Dutch (Belgium)
nl_BE_PREEURO	Dutch (Belgium,PREEURO)
nl_NL		Dutch (Netherlands)
nl_NL_PREEURO	Dutch (Netherlands,PREEURO)
no		Norwegian
no_NO		Norwegian (Norway)
no_NO_NY	Norwegian (Norway,Nynorsk)
or_IN		Oriya (India)
pa		Panjabi
pa_IN		Panjabi (India)
pl		Polish
pl_PL		Polish (Poland)
pl_PL_EURO	Polish (Poland,Euro)
pl_PL_PREEURO	Polish (Poland,PREEURO)
pt		Portuguese
pt_BR		Portuguese (Brazil)
pt_PT		Portuguese (Portugal)
pt_PT_PREEURO	Portuguese (Portugal,PREEURO)
ro		Romanian
ro_RO		Romanian (Romania)
ru		Russian
ru_RU		Russian (Russia)
sa		Sanskrit
sa_IN		Sanskrit (India)
sh		sh
sh_CS		sh (Serbia and Montenegro)
sh_YU		sh (YU)
sk		Slovak
sk_SK		Slovak (Slovakia)
sk_SK_EURO	Slovak (Slovakia,Euro)
sk_SK_PREEURO	Slovak (Slovakia,PREEURO)
sl		Slovenian
sl_SI		Slovenian (Slovenia)
sl_SI_EURO	Slovenian (Slovenia,Euro)
sl_SI_PREEURO	Slovenian (Slovenia,PREEURO)
sq		Albanian
sq_AL		Albanian (Albania)
sr		Serbian
sr_CS		Serbian (Serbia and Montenegro)
sr_YU		Serbian (YU)
sv		Swedish
sv_SE		Swedish (Sweden)
sv_SE_EURO	Swedish (Sweden,Euro)
sv_SE_PREEURO	Swedish (Sweden,PREEURO)
ta		Tamil
ta_IN		Tamil (India)
te		Telugu
te_IN		Telugu (India)
th		Thai
th_TH		Thai (Thailand)
th_TH_TH	Thai (Thailand,TH)
tr		Turkish
tr_TR		Turkish (Turkey)
uk		Ukrainian
uk_UA		Ukrainian (Ukraine)
vi		Vietnamese
vi_VN		Vietnamese (Vietnam)
zh		Chinese
zh_CN		Chinese (China)
zh_CN_HK	Chinese (China,HK)
zh_HK		Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
zh_SG		Chinese (Singapore)
zh_TW		Chinese (Taiwan)
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  1. winglee says:

    your program result is just what I need , but I run the same program in my host, and can not get “kk_KZ Kazakh (Kazakhstan)” in my result list, what’s wrong with my environment or
    what version and update you use, thanks for advice.

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