Cleaning Punctuation And White Spaces From A String


* Created on Apr 12, 2007
* @author Kushal Paudyal

* This utility class has method to remove punctuation 
* marks from a given string

public class StringCleaner {
 private static String legalCharacterSet;	

 * Default Constructor
 * Create a string that contains standard legal characters.
 * This string will be used to reference whether the 
*  characters in any 'to be cleaned'
 * string are to be kept or not.

 public StringCleaner()

 * We may provide our own set of valid characters which 
 * are to be used on testing the validity.
 * This set is provided as a string containing 
 * valid characters.Order is not important.
 * @param validCharacterSet

 public StringCleaner(String validCharacterSet )

 * @param str The string to be cleaned 
 * (unnecessary characters and whitespaces removed)
 * @return Cleaned String

 public String cleanString(String str)
 	String cleanedString="";
 	for(int index=0;index

 		char currentCharacter=str.charAt(index);

 	return cleanedString;

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3 Responses to Calculating Folder Size In Java

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  2. Jamie says:

    This approach uses less memory:

    public static class SizeCounter implements FileFilter
    private long total = 0;
    public SizeCounter(){};
    public boolean accept(File pathname) {
    if ( pathname.isFile()) {
    } else {
    return false;
    public long getTotal()
    return total;

    private static long getFileOrDirectorySize(File file) {
    SizeCounter counter = new SizeCounter();
    return counter.getTotal();

  3. kushalzone says:

    Thank you Jamie for your optimized solution.

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