Here are some cool 30 plus things that will happen in near to remote future

Technology is changing at such a fast pace and it bring new ideas, new products, new innovation for the engagement and benefit of human kind. Things of Sci Fi movies are now a reality. Here are some cool things that either happening currently, or are at the verge of happening or will happen some time in future.

  • Driverless cars, trucks, buses, boats, bikes.
    Many companies have currently developed and testing driverless cars. Legal hurdles remain to make them available to public. As technology makes auto-driving possible, it also creates other problems. Think about organ donation for instance, if there are less accidents and less people die, there will be fewer organ donations. However, technology such as 3D printing will help offset such loss, if they are able to print organs and tissues.
  • Auto replenish supplies: Inventions like Amazon Dash Button will help quickly order your stuffs like Diapers and Detergents without having to log into your computers or smartphones.
  • You could walk by a mall and get insurance quotes from Kiosks – because all the information about you will be known and available.
  • 3 billion more people will be online by 2020. The benefits? More millionaires and billionaires will be born, more market and of course more innovation. Don’t forget, more competition to get your data.
  • Smart Freezes will auto order items for you.
  • Connected Cars, Connected Homes.
  • Proximity Marketing. Watch the movie Minority Report – the movie once sci-fi is now a reality.
  • Flying Cars
  • Drone Deliveries
  • NFC TAGS Everywhere
  • You could Shop on a subway wall, you will thank to NFC.
  • Quantified Self – Get information about your health on day to day basis.
  • No username passwords or multi factor authentication. Phones as identity. NFCs as identity.
  • Solar Roads
  • JetPacks will be real
  • Your dreams could be recorded
  • You could find out what other person is thinking
  • Machine Cops (Robocops)
  • Robots Everywhere
  • Babies produced in Factories.
  • Interplanetary Internet
  • Robots with Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Organ and Tissue production
  • Purified Ocean Water for drinking
  • Human habitat outside of the Earth
  • Weapons that can wipe humanity in seconds
  • Earth as one country – no real borders.
  • Zombies, Aliens
  • Anti Aging and Immortality
  • Hoverboards
  • Facial Recognition very common – you could be walking around in public places wearing gadgets like Google Glass and you can find out the public profiles or paid private profiles of the people.
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