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I have prepared this list for those of you seeking to appear in Java / J2EE interview at various companies globally. This post contains a list of popular XML questions normally asked during interview. These are prepared from most frequently asked questions from various software industries. I myself have interviewed over 100 candidates. I have intentionally not provided the solution here. But if you are desperate for one, send me an email via Contact Us link. For other interview questions such as those for J2EE, Core Java, Database etc and for some sample programming implementations intended to help you to prepare for the interview of tech giants like Google / Microsoft / Amazon, go to my page here.

  1. What is XML?
  2. What is the difference between XML and HTML
  3. What are some of the benefits of XML?
  4. How do you parse and XML?
  5. What is a DOM Parsing?
  6. What is a SAX Parsing?
  7. When do you use a DOM Parsing vs a SAX Parsing?
  8. What makes an XML Well formed?
    • A well-formed document in XML is a document that adheres to the syntax rules specified by the XML 1.0 specification in that it must satisfy both physical and logical structures
  9. What is XML Schema Definition (XSD)?
  10. What is an XML Schema?
  11. What are some differences between DTDs and Schemas?
  12. What is a simple element?
  13. What is a complex element?
  14. What are namespaces?
    • XML Namespace is a mechanism to avoid name conflicts by differentiating elements or attributes within an XML document that may have identical names, but different definitions.
  15. Why are namespaces important?
  16. What are two different ways you can use namespaces?
  17. What is CDATA section in XML?
    • The term CDATA means, Character Data. CDATA are defined as blocks of text that are not parsed by the parser, but are otherwise recognized as markup. The predefined entities such as <, >, and & require typing and are generally difficult to read in the markup. In such cases, CDATA section can be used.
  18. Describe a logical structure of XML?
  19. Why is XML Extensible?
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