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  1. Ranganadh says:


    You can also use the product DynamicPDF for Java from ceTe Software Pvt Ltd. This product will allow one to create PDF documents programmatically from scratch, merge existing PDF documents, add contents to existing PDF files, stamping PDFs, appending existing PDF documents, form filling, rotating and scaling PDFs, etc..

    Following is the code for creating a sample PDF document with one page and a label on it.

    //Create the document object.
    Document document = new Document();

    //Create a page object.
    Page page = new Page();

    //Create a label element (page elements to add to the page).
    Label label = new Label(“ceTe Software”, 10, 10, 100, 20);

    //Add the page element to the page.

    //Add the page to the document.

    //Save the PDF.

    It allows you to save the PDF to disk or open the PDF on the browser. You can also save the PDF to a stream or a byte array.

    Following is the sample code to merge an existing PDF document and filling the form field.

    //Merger existing PDF
    MergeDocument document = new MergeDocument (“C:/Temp/DocB.pdf”);

    //Fill the form field
    document.getForm().getFields().getFormField(“fieldName”).setValue(“ceTe Software”);

    //save the PDF

    You can download the fully functional Evaluation version from our website http://www.cete.com/Products/DynamicPDFforJava/Download.csp, you can go through our products at http://www.cete.com.


    ceTe Software Support Team.

  2.  java PDF says:

    I am using DynamicPDF as told by Ranganadh. But not from the company he mentioned here.

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