How to create a local SVN Repository and connect to it using tortoise svn?

Some Bla Bla Bla’s:

Programmers like me sometimes wonder how can we create the local SVN repository. Most of the time we are connecting to already available repositories anyways like the one at your office or to some sites on the internet like Google Code. I recently ran into questions as I wanted some of my local codes to be versioned. I was publishing android apps, and as I kept updating the app, I really wanted to have my code versioned.

Then I discovered it was as easy as 123.

Real Solution:
Here is what you need to do (if you already have a tortoise svn installed, you dont even need to download anything.)

  1. Install tortoise svn from CollabNet (
  2. Create a directory anywhere on your local machine where you want to create the repository.
  3. Right click on the directory and choose Tortoise SVN > Create repository here

Your repository is now created locally!!!.

How to connect to it?

Just like you would with any other repositories. If I had created a repository on my desktop folder “MySVNRepo”, the following would be the repository location:

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/sanjaalcorps/Desktop/MySVNRepo

Once connected, you can do regular stuffs like creating folder, checking in to repository, checking out from the repository etc.

Well, I always thought I need to have a separate server installed for svn – but I figured out my thoughts had been foolish all these years.

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