100 Plus Agile Terms – A Comprehensive List

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Agile has been a hot topic in the industry. Many companies are converting their work teams into agile – some others, especially the big enterprises with decades of experience in waterfall model are choosing to be hybrid, experimenting stuffs. Google is a hundred percent agile company. In this article I have collected over hundred agile terms worth knowing if you are planning to shift to the Agile paradigm. This is just a list, you can Google the terms to find their meanings (although I plan to have another article sometimes later explaining these terms.)

I have worked on the Waterfall Model for over five years now as a software engineer in Java/J2EE platform, and I have been recently assigned to work on an agile team. This is the first time I will have a real experience of working in an agile environment. I have taken few agile workshops and agile training in the past, I hope those will be helpful.

So here goes the comprehensive list of agile terms. I plan to add more as I discover these terminologies. Keep coming back.

  1. 3 Amigos (Analyst, Tester and Developer)
  2. Acceptance Criteria
  3. Acceptance Test Driven Development ATDD
  4. Acceptance Testing
  5. Agile
  6. Agile Development Life Cycle Management
  7. Agile Manifesto
  8. Anti-Pattern
  9. Backlog
  10. Backlog Item
  11. Behaviour Driven Development BDD
  12. Burndown
  13. Business Value Add
  14. Chicken
  15. Collocation
  16. Configuration Management
  17. Continous Integration
  18. Cross-Functional Team
  19. Cycle Time
  20. Daily Scrum
  21. Design Pattern
  22. Done
  23. Emergence
  24. Empiricism
  25. Enterprise Agile
  26. Epic
  27. Estimation
  28. Extreme Programming XP
  29. Feature Driven Development FDD
  30. Fibonacci Sequence Estimation
  31. Flow
  32. How
  33. Impediment
  34. Impediment Backlog
  35. Inspectig and Adapting
  36. INVEST model
  37. Iteration
  38. Just In Time
  39. Kaizen
  40. Kanban
  41. Key Agile Principles
  42. Lean
  43. Muda
  44. Multi-state Continuous Integration
  45. Nine-Box Interview Technique
  46. Non Value Add
  47. One Piece Flow
  48. Pair Programming
  49. Pairing
  50. Parallel Development
  51. Pig
  52. Planning
  53. Planning Poker
  54. Process
  55. Product Backlog
  56. Product Backlog Item
  57. Product Owner
  58. Pull
  59. Push
  60. Release Burn down Chart
  61. Release Plan
  62. Release Process
  63. Retrospective
  64. Roman Vote
  65. SCM Tools
  66. Scrum
  67. Scrum Master
  68. Scrum Meetings
  69. Scrum Roles
  70. Self Organization
  71. Software Change Configuration Management
  72. Software Configuration Management
  73. Software Development
  74. Software Development Process
  75. Source Code Control
  76. Source Code Management
  77. Spike
  78. Sprint
  79. Sprint Burn down
  80. Sprint Goal
  81. Sprint Planning
  82. Sprint Review
  83. Sprint Task
  84. Stakeholder
  85. Stand-Up
  86. Story
  87. Story Point
  88. Task
  89. Task Board
  90. Task List
  91. Team
  92. Team Member
  93. Test Driven Development TDD
  94. Theory of Constraints
  95. Throughput
  96. Thumb Vote
  97. Timeboxing
  98. U-Shaped Cells
  99. Unit Testing
  100. User Stories
  101. VOC – Voice of the customer
  102. Value Stream
  103. Value Stream Mapping
  104. Velocity
  105. Vision Statement
  106. WIP – Work In Progress
  107. Waste
  108. What
  109. Whole Teams
  110. Work Cells
  111. XP – Extreme Programming
  112. XP Practices
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