What Makes An Agile Story Good? It’s the INVESTment.

When you are writing the agile stories, what features do you consider to make them good? There is this INVEST principal, which guides you to analyze if your stories are good enough. The acronym INVEST can be expanded to very important features that an agile story needs to have. Although achieving this might not always be possible, it’s the best way that works on most of the cases.

Here is what INVEST means.

  • I – Independent (your stories should stand alone so that it canĀ prioritizedĀ as a next work)
  • N – Negotiable (Stories should be negotiable – should be brief and allow the finer details later)
  • V – Valuable (Story should have value to the customer. Too much technical stuff without business outcome is not a good story)
  • E – Estimable (Story which are good are the ones whose boundaries are clearly defined and can be estimated. Vagueness should be removed.
  • S – Small (Should be small enough to fit into one iteration)
  • T – Testable (There is clear expectation, acceptance criteria so that testers can test it when the work is done).

These are the guiding principals, not the standards.

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