How to easily open two excel spreadsheets in two different monitors

I wanted to open two different excel sheets/spreadsheets in two different monitors on my machine, so that I could reference them side by side. But in microsoft office excel 2007, if you open two excel files, it opens them on the same window, making it impossible to move one of the sheets to the second monitor (Unless you apply some sort of trick). I tried to google over, but there were complex solutions. So, here is what I came up with, using my own head.


  1. You can open the first file by double clicking the excel file itself – the normal way.
  2. If you want to open the second file, instead of double clicking on it, do
    • Start > Run
    • Then type ‘excel’
    • Press Enter.
  3. It will open a new instance of excel.
  4. Then,
    • Either you can open the second file using File > Open,
    • Or you can drag and drop your file on the second excel window.
  5. Now these two windows of excel spreadsheets can be viewed on separate monitors, moved around, closed, whatever you want to do with them.
  6. You can repeat this for as many number of files as you want.

Happy dual monitoring with the excel sheets.

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