Some Keyboard Shortcuts For Macbook Pro With Retina Display

I switched from Windows and Linux platform to Apple’s Mac  in 2012. I am maintaining this shortcut list as I discover them for myself – which are a bit different from the other platforms I used in the past. I hope I will get used to all these commands someday and will no longer have to refer to this page. But hopefully by maintaining this list here, I might help a couple of wandering souls.

  1. Command+Shift+3 –> Take Screenshot of Entire Desktop, Picture saved to Desktop
  2. Command+Control+Shift+3 –> Take Screenshot of Entire Desktop, Picture  Copied To Clipboard
  3. Command+Shift+4 –> Take screenshot of portion of your desktop, picture saved to desktop
  4. Command+Shift+4, Spacebar –> Take Screenshot of selected application, picture saved to desktop
  5. ‘Applications > Utilities > Grab’ tool
  6. Command+Control+Shift+4 –> Take screenshot of portion of your desktop, picture copied to clipboard
  7. Command+Control+Shift+4, Spacebar –> Take screenshot of selected Application, picture copied to clipboard
  8. Fn + F11 –> Minimize All The Windows In Mac
  9. Command + Option + V –> Move The Copied Items (Paste as move)
  10. dscacheutil –flushcacheFlush DNS
  11. unzip –> Unzips files in the current folder

More Advanced:

Installing GVM – Groovy Environment Managemnet.
Note: You need to restart terminal after doing this.

curl -s | bash

Installing Grails using GVM:

gvm install grails
gvm install grails 2.3.6
gvm use grails 2.3.7
gvm default grails 1.3.9

Installing Groovy using GVM:

gvm install groovy //latest version
gvm install groovy 2.2.2 //specific version
gvm use groovy 2.2.1 //use specific version
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