Java Interview Preparation

This page links to various other posts in this programming blogs that were written mostly from a standpoint of helping out to prepare for Software Engineering interviews at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple to name a few. These articles contain fully compiled full source code along with the output. Also make sure to visit my other blog on Java Programming.

Core Java | J2EE | Database | Struts | XML | HTTP | Web Services


  1. Bubble Sort – Sorting Integer | Sorting String
  2. Bidirectional Bubble Sort – Java Implementation
  3. Insertion Sort – Java Implementation
  4. Merge Sort – Java Implementation
  5. Quick Sort – Java Implementation
  6. Selection Sort – Java Implementation


  1. Circular Linked List: Insert Operation
  2. Singly Linked List:
  3. Set – Intersection
  4. Queue
  5. Stack


  1. Binary Tree
  2. Find the Lowest Common Ancestor of two nodes in a Binary Tree
  3. A basic implementation of Generic Tree (that has nodes having n-children)


  1. Finding if two Strings are anagrams
  2. Finding if two Strings are rotations of each other
  3. Split string and separate them with spaces
  4. Sort characters in a string
  5. Find if two strings are permutations
  6. Print all permutations of a given String


  1. Finding Mean Value of an array of integers.
  2. Generate Fibonacci Sequence using Iterative and Recursive approach
  3. Random Number Generation using another random function
  4. Rotating a two dimensional array:
  5. Square root of a number using binary search
  6. Swap two integers without using extra variables
  7. Maximum Integer Finder – Three approaches (with Big O Analysis)
  8. Prime Number Printer
  9. Recursively find the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)


  1. Bitwise Operation – A comprehensive example
  2. Deadlocks – Cause and Prevention
  3. SAX and DOM Parsers
  4. RestFul Webservices vs SOAP Based WebServices

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