100 Plus Agile Terms – A Comprehensive List

(Image Source: Wikipedia / Creative Commons / Author: VersionOne, Inc)

Agile has been a hot topic in the industry. Many companies are converting their work teams into agile – some others, especially the big enterprises with decades of experience in waterfall model are choosing to be hybrid, experimenting stuffs. Google is a hundred percent agile company. In this article I have collected over hundred agile terms worth knowing if you are planning to shift to the Agile paradigm. This is just a list, you can Google the terms to find their meanings (although I plan to have another article sometimes later explaining these terms.)

I have worked on the Waterfall Model for over five years now as a software engineer in Java/J2EE platform, and I have been recently assigned to work on an agile team. This is the first time I will have a real experience of working in an agile environment. I have taken few agile workshops and agile training in the past, I hope those will be helpful.

So here goes the comprehensive list of agile terms. I plan to add more as I discover these terminologies. Keep coming back.
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