How to receive files via bluetooth in your MacBook Pro

If you want to send some files such as photos, videos or document files from your devices such as your smartphone or tablet to your MacBook Pro, here are some of the screenshots and instructions that will enable you to do so.

Enable Bluetooth on your System Preferences


Make sure both computers are set to be “Discoverable”. Click on the Sharing Setup.


Make sure “Bluetooth Sharing” is enabled. In this window, either you can accept the default file receive locations or you can choose your own.

Now on your sending device such as your phone or tablet, open the items that you want to share. Depending upon your device, there will be sharing options at different locations. In this particular example, I am sending an image from my Samsung Galaxy Note II. So all I have to do is open the image, and click on the share icon on the top. When I click on that I get several sharing options such as Pinterest, Facbeook, Google Drive, Amazon Kindle, Bluetooth etc. You need to select the Bluetooth icon to share this file via bluetooth.

Once you select the bluetooth icon, you will be shown a list of available devices on your surrounding that have bluetooth enabled (that’s why enabling Bluetooth in one of he steps above was important). You can then select your Mac Book Pro. Once you do that, the phone will send the file to your Mac Book Pro. There will be popup dialog on your Mac Book asking you to accept the file. Go ahead and accept the file. By default it will be placed on your Downloads folder (unless you chose another folder in Bluethooth Sharing options in your macbook)