How to import SSL Certificate to IBM Websphere Server through admin console

  1.  Log into the administrative console.
  2.  Expand Security and click SSL certificate and key management. Under Configuration settings, click Manage endpoint security configurations.
  3.  Select the appropriate outbound configuration to get to the (cell):MyComputerNameNode07Cell:(node):MyComputerNameNode07 management scope. (The nodes above are samples only, and are different for different machines)
  4.  Under Related Items, click Key stores and certificates and click the NodeDefaultTrustStore key store.
  5.  Under Additional Properties, click Signer certificates and Retrieve From Port.
  6.  Enter hostname in the host field (e.g., enter 443 in the Port field, and hostname_cert (e.g. www.icodejava.com_cert) in the Alias field. You can of course use your own alias name. Remember the hostname is the host from which you are importing the certificate.
  7.  Click Retrieve Signer Information.
  8.  Verify that the certificate information is for a certificate that you can trust.
  9.  Click Apply and Save.

Congratulations, you have successfully import SSL Certificate from a host to IBM Websphere Server through the admin console in an easy set of steps.