How to setup and run the Microsoft’s Command Line BCP Utility Without Installing SQL Server Client?

Did your run into situations where you wanted to insert records into your MS SQL Server via bulk copy (bcp) but did not have the SQL Server client installed on your machine? Well I Did. My server was in a different network machine and the machine I was working on locally did not have the SQL Server client installed.

So here is how I managed to download run the BCP utility without needing a SQL Server client installation.

Downloaded the following two files from microsoft’s Website.

  • SQL Native Client: sqlncli.msi
  • SQL Command Line Utilities: SqlCmdLnUtils.msi

Install these files and then you will be able to run the bcp. In my machine, the bcp command line utility was located at:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100ToolsBinn

There is no specific license required for this. I believe, the command line utilities are provided by microsoft for free.